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The Coxswains of Cromer Lifeboat

The following were RNLI Cromer Coxswains for the first 100 years of the station. We will be posting coxswain details from 1976 to the present day over the next weeks, as well as details of those who served in the Number 2 boathouse.

Thanks to Paul Russell for providing the photos of the coxswains from 1874 onwards.

Main boathouse

1858-1874 Robert 'Bully Bob' Allen

First RNLI Lifeboat 1858-1868; Benjamin Bond Cabbell 1868-1874.

1874-1893 James Davies

Benjamin Bond Cabbell 1874-1884;

Second Benjamin Bond Cabbell 1884-1893.

1893-1902 John James 'Jimmy' Davies

Benjamin Bond Cabbell 1893-1902.

1902-1909 James 'Buttons' Harrison

Louisa Heartwell 1902-1909.

1909-1947 Henry George Blogg

Louisa Heartwell 1909-1923; 

H.F. Bailey (670) 1923-1924; 

H.F. Bailey (694) 1924-1928 & 1929-1935; 

H.F. Bailey II (714) 1928-1929; 

H.F. Bailey (777) 1935-1945; 

Henry Blogg 1945-1947.

1947-1976 Henry Thomas 'Shrimp' Davies

Henry Blogg 1947-1966; 

Ruby and Arthur Reed 1967-1976.


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In Cromer there are two boathouses, one for the All-Weather Lifeboat "Lester" on the pier and the other for the Inshore Lifeboat on the east promenade. This boathouse was originally built in 1902 for the then rowing and sailing lifeboat Louisa Heartwell. Also on the east promenade you'll find the Henry Blogg Lifeboat Museum. The whole town is proud of the man referred to as 'the greatest of the lifeboatmen', who gained national fame in the first half of the 20th century when navigation around the Norfolk coastline was particularly hazardous in easterly gales.