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RNLI Cromer Pass Plans During Lockdown

During the pandemic, several crew members at RNLI Cromer have been able, under strict COVID rules, to continue to complete their Units of competence on their individual plans.

The various people involved have completed and successfully passed assessments involving different areas such as:

  • Roles & Responsibility,

  • ALB layout

  • ILB layout

  • Operate ALB machinery

  • ALB Mooring and berthing

  • Manual Handling, Safety & Wellbeing, Noise & Vibration

  • Command -Roles & Responsibilities, Incident reporting

  • Plan search & rescue

  • Rope Handling, Local Knowledge

Two others Steve Guest and Mike Wass are now qualified as Deputy Launch Authorities, which enables them to authorise launches of the lifeboats.

John Redmond, Lifeboat Operations Manager for Cromer’s RNLI Lifeboat, says:

‘We are proud of these people who have worked hard and with a lot of dedication to pass these requirements to become trained crew’.


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