• Cromer RNLI

Compass on Cromer Pier

The scheme as a whole celebrates 200 years of Cromer’s lifeboats. The compass includes as part of its design two hands symbolizing prayer and the act of remembrance (the design based on the compass in the HF Bailey lifeboat in Cromer’s RNLI museum). The 'standing stones' are vaguely boat-shaped in cross section represent lifeboats.The lines radiate out to sea from the compass in the direction of rescue missions through the granite ‘standing stones’.

The photos show the official opening of Cromer Prospect, of which the Compass is part in May 2005 and you will be able to identify some of RNLI Cromer crew members who were in attaendance and the aerial view is from October 2005.

The portrait view (May 2005), with the hotel, is the way it should look but the lights weren’t taken into account in repairs after the 2007 storm.

  • Inlaid brass inscriptions (clockwise, west to east):

  • Lifeboat H.F. Bailey - Welcome Home of Sheringham, 17th February 1931. 1 life saved

  • Lifeboat Benjamin Bond Cabbell - Hero of Goole, 3rd December 1897. 4 lives saved

  • Lifeboat Henry Blogg - Francois Tixier of Dunkirk, 8th July 1948. 16 lives saved

  • ILB D 197 - George William of Gt. Yarmouth, 1st May 1981. 2 lives saved

  • Lifeboat The Good Hope - Boston Jaguar of Lowestoft, 15th November 1973

  • Lifeboat Ruby and Arthur Reed - Nimrod of Jersey, 14th Nov 1977. 1 life saved

  • Lifeboat Henry Blogg - Sea Gem Oil Rig, 28th December 1965

  • Lifeboat Benjamin Bond Cabbell - Emulous of Middlesborough, 4th March 1970. 5 lives saved

  • Lifeboat H.F. Bailey II - Thursonian of Wick, 11th Dec 1928. 5 lives saved

  • Second lifeboat - Achilles of South Shields, 28th October 1839. 8 lives saved

  • Lifeboat H.F. Bailey II - H.M. Destroyer Vortigen, 15th March 1942. 11 bodies recovered. War Grave

  • Lifeboat Guy and Clare Hunter - Helm Spray III, 28th July 1985. 2 lived saved

  • Lifeboat H.F. Bailey Mount Ida of Piraeus, 9th October 1939. 29 lives saved

  • Lifeboat Her Majesty the Queen Tange of Whitby, 6th November 1998. 3 lives saved

  • ILB D463 - Man in the Sea, 2nd October, 1999. 1 life saved

  • Lifeboat H.F. Bailey- Nephrite of Glasgow, 1st January 1924. 12 lives saved

  • 1st RNLI Lifeboat - Sutcliffe of Harwich, 21st July 1867 Lifeboat Louisa Heartwell - Kronprincessan Victoria of Hangesund, 27th Novemember 1917. 6 lives saved

  • Lifeboat Ruby and Arthur Reed II - Happy Bear, 13th October 1993. 5 lives saved

  • Lifeboat H.F. Bailey - English Trader of London, 26th October 1941, 44 lives saved

  • Lifeboat H.F. Bailey - Convoy 559 (4 vessels), 6th August 1941. 88 lives saved

  • Lifeboat Harriot Dixon - Taara of Parnu, 6th August 1941. 8 lives saved

  • Lifeboat H.F. Bailey - Giorgia of Rotterdam, 21st/22nd November 1927. 15 lives saved 

We would to thank Peter Stibbons for the photographs and confirming the compass details.


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