Launch Information

8th March 2020

On Sunday 8th March, whilst out on a training exercise, Cromer’s all weather lifeboat ‘Lester’ received a radio call to attend to an emergency.

At 10 00 a call was received from the UK Coastguard to attend to a vessel to pick up an ill crew member. The lifeboat then transferred the person to their boat and returned to shore. At 10 37 the ill person was transferred to other emergency services. Cromers RNLI volnteer lifeboat crew then continued with their training exercise.

The windspeed was 20 knots from a south westerly direction, the sea state was slight and visibility was 15 nautical miles.


Lifeboat: ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat
Launched: 08/03/2020
Launch Time: 10:00
Returned: 08/03/2020
Return Time: 10:37


Boat Crew:
Rob Park
Gordon Nichols
Vernon Hoare
Stuart Clarke
Reis Khalil
‘Nelson’ Kirk
Fiona Keenaghan
Kevin Johnston
Danny Cherry

Shore Crew:
‘G’ Stallard
Steve Guest
Roger Sutton
Karl Pearce
Paul Russell