Launch Information

29th September 2020

Cromer ILB was returning from an exercise when it was tasked by Humber CoastGuard at 11:27 to do a shoreline search from Overstrand to West Runton for a potential missing person. They assisted the Police and a Coastguard Search team.

The weather was overcast with rain, sea state fair with a slight swell and the wind was strength 2 Knots West.

Eventually the lifeboat was stood down and was rehoused
refuelled and made ready at 13:00 for its next call.


Lifeboat: D-734 George & Muriel
Launched: 29/09/2020
Launch Time: 11:27
Returned: 29/09/2020
Return Time: 13:00


Boat Crew:
Ben McGarry - Helm
Tim Ballard
Richard Kirk

Shore Crew:
John Redmond - Tractor,
Steve Guest - Head Launcher,
Roger Sutton
Neil Davies,
Vernon Hoare
Paul Watling
Martyn Hagan
Mick Wass - DLA