Launch Information

11th March 2020

ON Wednesday 11th March HM Coastguard tasked Cromer RNLI to investigate a 15 foot small boat appearing to need assistance.

At 10:30am Cromers allweather lifeboat ‘Lester’ were asked to investigate a small boat, approximately 8 miles off Cromer, which was thought to need assistance. On reaching the boat it was found there was no need for concern.

Cromers lifeboat returned to station and was refuelled and made ready for its next service by 11:48am.


Lifeboat: ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat
Launched: 11/03/2020
Launch Time: 10:30
Returned: 11/03/2020
Return Time: 11:48


Boat Crew:
Vernon Hoare
Stuart Clarke
Kevin Johnson
Rob Park
Phil Hansford
Fiona Keenaghan
Kevin Johnston

Shore Crew:
Steve Guest
Paul Russell
John Redmond
Roger Sutton
Karl Pearce
Mearl Brown