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Our lifeboat men and women are volunteers come from all walks of life. The occupation list of our station makes for fascinating reading because it demonstrates the diversity of the people who are prepared to risk their lives to save others. In fact with the reduction in the size of fishing fleets around the country, less than 10% of all new crew members come with a maritime background.

All our crew are physically fit, dedicated to the job, and very much team players. Their commitment isn't only measured in the time spent involved in rescues. Increasingly, new equipment and procedures have meant that regular training programmes also account for much of our time at the station.

The crew is made up of boat crew who man the boats, the shore crew who launch the boats and our one full-time crew member who is responsible for maintaining the lifeboat and its gear, who the station could not function without.


Need to live and/or work within 3 miles of the station

Need to be over 17 (parents' permission) over over 18 years old

Need to be under 55 years old (ILB) or 65 (ALB)

Need to be committed to learning and training

Need to be medically fit

Need good eyesight

Need to be a team player

Need to pass a probationary period that usually lasts for 1 year


Need any nautical knowledge

Need to know any existing crew members

Need to be male

Need to be a strong swimmer

Need to have been on a boat before

Need to be a member of the RNLI

Need to know first aid

Being part of a lifeboat crew is a major commitment, which could ultimately include risking your life. However in return we can offer you one of the most exciting and fulfilling voluntary jobs available.

What Next?

Come down to the lifeboat station at the end of the Pier, on any Sunday morning 1000-1200hrs, to meet some of our existing crew, get a tour of the station and to speak to us about what is involved in being part of the crew. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to guide you through the process of applying to join our crew.

If you just want an informal chat over a cuppa, we'll be happy to accommodate. Most of us know how daunting it can be coming down for the first time, and the worries of "can I do this" or "will I fit in".


Simply give us a call on 01263 512237, or just head down to the station to discuss your options.

The RNLI's Face to Face Fundraising team is recruiting!

There’s no job like it – you’ll get valuable new skills, life-changing experiences and good rates of pay.


If you, or someone you know, would love to work outdoors encouraging support for our amazing lifesaving charity then register your interest/apply today: