Launch Information - 14/08/2016


Cromer Inshore Lifeboat helps search for missing child.

The Coastguard rang for an immediate launch of the Cromer Inshore lifeboat ‘George and Muriel’ after reports of a missing child.

The pagers sounded at 15:30 and very quickly the boat was launched and in the water. The crew patrolled along the waters edge looking for a child who had become separated from their parents.

The child was found further along the beach and reunited with their worried parents. Cromers boat returned to station and was washed down and made ready for service by 16:05.

Ady Woods, RNLI Deputy Second Coxswain for Cromers RNLI Lifeboat, says: "The crew responded immediately to the call which is every parents’ nightmare. We were able to help in a situation where luckily no harm came to the child."


Lifeboat: D-734 George & Muriel

Launched: 14/08/2016

Launch Time: 15:30

Returned: 14/08/2016

Return Time: 16:05


Boat Crew: 

Adrian Woods

Ady Barker

Chris Key

Danny Cherry

David Syer

Wes Stokes

Shore Crew:

Graeme "G" Stallard

Rose Syer