Launch Information - 19/09/2017


Cabin cruiser LADY C, 2 people and craft brought in.

Lester was launched at 12.50pm to a cabin cruiser, the Lady C, which had broken down about 2 miles off the pier.


The lifeboat was quickly alongside the casualty and took her in tow to Wells. 

The lifeboat arrived back at Cromer at about 4.20pm.


Lifeboat: ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat

Launched: 19/09/2017

Launch Time: 12:50

Returned: 19/09/2017

Return Time: 16:20


Boat Crew: 

Adrian Woods

John Davies

Kevin Johnson

Matt Hardy

Pete Stokes

Shore Crew:

Chris Key

Reis Khalil

John Redmond

Paul Russell

Graeme "G" Stallard

Richard 'Nelson' Kirk