Launch Information - 18/08/2017


Windsurfer rescued by Cromer RNLI.

A request was made to launch Cromer’s inshore lifeboat at 1:45 pm to give assistance to a windsurfer in difficulties off the east beach.

Initially the lifeguards on the east beach had seen the windsurfer waving after he had capsized. They alerted the UK Coastguard who in turn requested Cromer’s inshore lifeboat the George and Muriel be launched.

The crew were very quickly on scene and after assessing the windsurfer didn’t have any injuries, they took the person on board and went to the west beach to land them.

By 2:30pm the George and Muriel had been cleaned down, refuelled and rehoused ready for its next call out.


Lifeboat: D-734 George & Muriel

Launched: 18/08/2017

Launch Time: 13:45

Returned: 18/08/2017

Return Time: 14:30


Boat Crew: 

Adrian Woods

Richard 'Nelson' Kirk

Wes Stokes

Shore Crew:

Steve Guest

Tim Ballard

Vernon Hoare

Chris Key