Launch Information - 08/08/2017


Emergency beacon alert results in Cromer RNLI Lifeboat launch.

The UK Coastguard alerted Cromer’s all weather crew that a beacon sounding a Mayday request had been picked up. Soon the crew at Cromer RNLI had assembled to launch and by 12:15 the Lester was on its way.

The sounding of a mayday beacon always results in the RNLI sending a lifeboat to find out the circumstances. The co-ordinates of the beacon appeared to come from the Haisborough Sands, a notorious area for shipwrecks in the past.

Once on the scene, the beacon was found to be one that had been abandoned at some time and there was no reason for it to have triggered the alarm.

Richard Leeds, Lifeboat Operations Manager said, "The RNLI will always launch to an emergency beacon sounding, whatever the circumstances and outcome. We are always ready to assist those who need help".

By 1pm, Cromer’s lifeboat had returned to the boathouse, been rehoused and made ready.


Lifeboat: ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat

Launched: 08/08/2017

Launch Time: 12:15

Returned: 08/08/2017

Return Time: 13:00


Boat Crew: 

Kevin Johnson

Pete Stokes

Wes Stokes

Shore Crew:

Chris Key

John Redmond

Matt Hardy

Paul Russell

Vernon Hoare

Relief Crew:

David Needham



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In Cromer there are two boathouses, one for the All-Weather Lifeboat "Lester" on the pier and the other for the Inshore Lifeboat on the east promenade. This boathouse was originally built in 1902 for the then rowing and sailing lifeboat Louisa Heartwell. Also on the east promenade you'll find the Henry Blogg Lifeboat Museum. The whole town is proud of the man referred to as 'the greatest of the lifeboatmen', who gained national fame in the first half of the 20th century when navigation around the Norfolk coastline was particularly hazardous in easterly gales.