Launch Information - 06/07/2017


Motor cruiser DOUBLE TROUBLE, gave help.

Whilst on a training exercise Cromer’s D class lifeboat George and Muriel was asked by HM Coast Guard to assist a motor boat in difficulties. This means it is regarded as an official launch by the RNLI.

The 28' motor cruiser Double Trouble was on passage to Denver Sluice from Great Yarmouth when engine and mechanical problems caused it to need help. Cromer’s inshore lifeboat was on a training exercise and assessing crew when it saw the boat needed help. It was soon apparent that a tow would be needed, so a call was put in for Lester to be launched.

By 16:45 Lester was at the scene, a tow rope was attached to the cruiser and soon they were underway. The photo shows both lifeboats assisting the cruiser. 

The boat was towed to Wells, where they were met by the Wells ILB which towed the casualty into the outer harbour.

Lesters’ crew returned to the boathouse later and by 21:00 the lifeboat was made ready for its next call out. The inshore boat had returned at the end of training.

John Davies, Coxswain for Cromer RNLI Lifeboat, said: "We were able to get to the scene very quickly due to the training exercise noticing the powerboats difficulties. Our regular training means we can respond quickly to those in need".


Lifeboat: ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat

Launched: 06/07/2017

Launch Time: 16:15

Returned: 06/07/2017

Return Time: 21:00


Boat Crew: 

John Davies

Pete Stokes

Adrian Woods

Vernon Hoare

Shore Crew:

Reis Khalil

Steve Guest

Karl Pearce

John Redmond

Paul Russell

Graeme "G" Stallard