Launch Information - 07/03/2017


Inshore Lifeboat crew alerted to reports of a person in the water just after 5 am.

Cromer Lifeboat Station was alerted at about 5am on Tuesday morning after a fisherman reported hearing shouts for help.

A person was discovered fully clothed close to the pier in a hypothermic state after having been in the sea.

Lifeboat operations manager Richard Leeds said: “We found the casualty close to the steps leading up to the Red Lion pub".

“We made sure the person was okay, lucid and conscious, placed them on a stretcher and called the ambulance who then took over.”

An East of England Ambulance Service spokesman said: “A 999 call was received following reports of a person lying on Cromer beach close to the inshore lifeboat station. We sent an ambulance crew to treat the patient, thought to be in their 70s, for cold exposure and transported them to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for further care.”


Lifeboat: D-734 George & Muriel

Launched: 07/03/2017

Launch Time: 05:00

Returned: 07/03/2017

Return Time: 07:30


Boat Crew: 

John Davies

Mearl Brown

Pete Stokes

Vernon Hoare

Chris Key

David Syer

Adrian Woods

Shore Crew:

Rose Syer

Steve Guest