Launch Information - 04/02/2017


Support vessel RESOLUTE, gave help.

The crew pagers sounded on Saturday 4 February and Cromers all weather lifeboat Lester was launched by 05:10.
Reports had come in from the Coastguard of a 25 metre converted fishing boat being in difficulty.

The support vessel Resolute was off the Dudgeon wind farm and had a fouled propeller.

With such bad weather conditions forecast and repairs impossible it was agreed to tow the support vessel to the Humber, where the Humber lifeboat would meet them and take over, however, during the tow north the propeller freed itself allowing the lifeboat to return home.

Lester was back on station, rehoused and cleaned down by 10:10.


Lifeboat: ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat

Launched: 04/02/2017

Launch Time: 05:10

Returned: 04/02/2017

Return Time: 10:10


Boat Crew: 

Adrian Woods

Ady Barker

Gordon Nichols

John Davies

Mearl Brown

Tim Ballard

Shore Crew:

John Redmond

Paul Russell

Rose Syer

Steve Guest

Vernon Hoare