Launch Information - 05/06/2016


Yacht JENNY, gave help.

The lifeboat Lester was launched at approx. 00.30 to the 25ft yacht Jenny with one person on board that was reported to be aground to the east of Blakeney.


The lifeboat was on scene at 01.20 and the single occupant of the yacht had been assisted ashore by the local coastguard team. The Wells lifeboat arrived at 02.30, and it was decided to wait until daylight to assess the situation.


At 04.30 the yacht was sufficiently afloat for Lester to pass a line to the coastguards and the yacht was successfully towed off the beach. The tow was passed to the Wells lifeboat, and Lester returned home, arriving at about 05.30.


Lifeboat: ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat

Launched: 05/06/2016

Launch Time: 00:30

Returned: 05/06/2016

Return Time: 05:30


Boat Crew: 

Ady Barker

David Syer

Gordon Nichols

John Davies

Mearl Brown

Shore Crew:

Graeme "G" Stallard

John Redmond

Mark Southgate

Paul Russell

Rose Syer

Steve Guest

Vernon Hoare