Launch Information - 22/09/2020


The coxswain/mechanics at RNLI Cromer, Paul Watling and Rob Park observed a paddleboarder in difficulty near the pier just after 14:00. A call was made to HMCG and the D class inshore lifeboat ‘George and Muriel’ was tasked to launch at 14:19.


It was then seen that a paddleboarder and a kayak were out near the east veering buoys beyond the lifeboat station at the end of the pier. They were both struggling against an ebbing tide and offshore wind. The conditions were excellent with a flat calm sea and warmer air. The ILB duly launched in good time and quickly arrived to assist.

This they did by taking on board the paddleboarder and his board, they then shepherded the kayak slowly back to shore and when that was safely beached they came ashore and disembarked the rescued paddleboarder. 

The ILB then returned to sea for a short while before returning to shore to be recovered and re-housed.

By 15 35 D734 - ’George and Muriel’ had been rehoused, refuelled and was ready for its next call.


Lifeboat: D-734 George & Muriel

Launched: 22/09/2020

Launch Time: 14:19

Returned: 22/09/2020

Return Time: 15:35


Boat Crew:

Rob Park

Matt Hardy

Mark Southgate

Shore Crew:

Paul Watling

John Redmond

Fiona Keenaghan

Lee Merritt

Graeme Stallard

Roger Sutton

Wesley Stokes

Darren Jones

David Syer



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In Cromer there are two boathouses, one for the All-Weather Lifeboat "Lester" on the pier and the other for the Inshore Lifeboat on the east promenade. This boathouse was originally built in 1902 for the then rowing and sailing lifeboat Louisa Heartwell. Also on the east promenade you'll find the Henry Blogg Lifeboat Museum. The whole town is proud of the man referred to as 'the greatest of the lifeboatmen', who gained national fame in the first half of the 20th century when navigation around the Norfolk coastline was particularly hazardous in easterly gales.