Launch Information

22nd July 2021

RNLI Cromer’s crew were paged at 14:02 on 21st July for the Inshore lifeboat to be launched.

The crew on the lifeboat were asked to assist Cromer Coastguard move a casualty from a tricky location west of the pier as the tide was rising.

This was done and the casualty handed over to the ambulance service at the ILB station at around 14:45. The inshore lifeboat then returned to station and was made ready for its next launch.


Lifeboat: D-734 George & Muriel
Launched: 22/07/2021
Launch Time: 14:02
Returned: 22/07/2021
Return Time: 14:45


Boat Crew:
Tim Ballard
Wesley Stokes
Matt Hardy

Shore Crew:
Steve Guest
John Redmond
Michah Summerwill
Tom Stops
Polly Clarke
Danny Cherry
Kharn Brown