Launch Information

21st February 2021

Crew at RNLI Cromer were paged at 16 53 to assist their colleagues at RNLI Sheringham in a search for 2 persons in the water.

Cromers relief lifeboat was launched at 17 05, but both Sheringham and Cromers lifeboats were stood down soon after launching as the persons were found ashore.

Cromers lifeboat crew were stood down at 17 11 and returned to the boathouse. The lifeboat was refuelled and made ready for its next service at 17 50.


Lifeboat: RNLB Victor Freeman
Launched: 23/02/2021
Launch Time: 17:05
Returned: 23/02/2021
Return Time: 17:50


Boat Crew
Paul Watling - Coxswain
Vernon Hoare – Mechanic
K Sargent
Mearl Brown
Kevin Johnson
Mark Southgate

Shore Crew
Greame Stallard – Head Launcher
John Redmond – Winch
Steve Guest
Tom Stops
Michah Summerwill
Neil Davies