Launch Information - 15/07/2019


Following a call from the UK Coastguard, Cromer’s all weather lifeboats ‘Lester’ was launched to a report of problems on the ‘Walrus’ – a 30 foot yacht.  The reported position of the yacht was 7 miles NNE from Cromer.


The crew of the offshore lifeboat, Lester, was launched at around 17: 48, to reports of a rope around the propeller. It was agreed to give a tow to Wells, so ‘Lester’ made the connections and set off.


The weather conditions whilst bright had a wind coming from the North at Force 1, the sea was medium to choppy.


Originally it was intend to tow the yacht into Wells but tidal conditions made this impossible.  Instead Cromer RNLI helped the yacht to anchor, then with tide changes it will be taken into Wells.


A pager message asking the shore crew to return to the station to rehouse the lifeboat came through at  23:30      and by   23:45  ‘Lester’ had been refuelled, washed down and made ready for its next call.


Lifeboat: ON 1287 LESTER Lifeboat

Launched: 15/07/2019

Launch Time: 17:48

Returned: 15/07/2019

Return Time: 23:45


Boat Crew: 

Ady Woods

Mearl Brown

Danny Cherry

Gordon Nichols

Kevin Johnston

Vernon Hoare

Chris Shepherd

Shore Crew:

‘G’ Stallard

Karl Pearce

Steve Guest

Roger Sutton

Bernice Stowe

Lee Merritt

Paul Russell

Darren Jones

Emma Tuck

Fiona Keenaghan