Launch Information - 08/08/2018


Surf Boarder in difficulties. 


At 14:40 UK Coastguards informed Cromer RNLI that a surfboarder was in difficulties 200 metres off shore between Cromer and Overstrand. 


On arrival it was found the person had managed to get to shore unaided. 


The ILB ‘George and Muriel’ returned to the boathouse and by 15:20 was ready for its next service.


Lifeboat: D-734 George & Muriel

Launched: 08/08/2018

Launch Time: 14:40

Returned: 08/08/2018

Return Time: 15:20


Boat Crew: 

Danny Cherry

Tim Ballard

Kevin Johnson

Shore Crew:

Calla Mayes

Rose Syer

John Redmond

Reis Khalil

Chris Shepherd