Launch Information - 04/07/2018


Cromer’s inshore lifeboat ‘George and Muriel’ was launched at 13 30 to assist the fire brigade.  With the fire on the cliff tops near the old light house, more hoses were needed.


With HM Coast Guard unable to get close enough with their vehicles, the lifeboat made two journeys to take extra water hose to the area.

The fire brigade have water supplies but needed to be able to take the hose up the cliff face to the fire area.


The lifeboat returned from its journeys at 14 20 and was soon made ready for its next launch.


Lifeboat: D-734 George & Muriel

Launched: 04/07/2018

Launch Time: 13:30

Returned: 04/07/2018

Return Time: 14:20


Boat Crew: 

Ady Woods

Matt Hardy

Kevin Southgate

Wes Stokes

Shore Crew:

Reis Khalil

Chris Shepherd

John Redmond