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29 May, 2015Yacht in Difficulties 

Yacht in Difficulties

The inshore lifeboat was launched at on 29th May to assist a yacht in difficulties off Cromer. The ILB crew established the cause of the problem and the ALB was then launched to tow the yacht Ruby to harbour at Great Yarmouth.

4 Jun, 2015Work starts on re-cladding the boathouse 

Work starts on re-cladding the boathouse

Work has begun on re-cladding the boathouse in Siberian Larch to replace the original rotting timbers.

13 Jun, 2015Blue Plaques unveiled 

Blue Plaques unveiled

Today saw the unveiling of 3 blue plaques in town honouring 3 lifeboat Coxswains.
Plaques were unveiled in New Street for Shrimp Davies, in Garden Street for Tuna Harrison and Corner Street for Henry Blogg.
John Lee unveiled the plaque for his grandfather Henry Shrimp Davies;
Lew Harrison unveiled the plaque for his father Lewis Tuna Harrison,
and Coxswain John Davies (pictured with 2nd Coxswain Ady Barker & Deputy 2nd Coxswain Martin Steward) unveiled the plaque for Henry Blogg.

20 Jun, 2015Both boats launched on service 

Both boats launched on service

Both boats were paged to launch just before midday.

A group of three divers had left Weybourne earlier and it was reported that one of the divers had not returned. A thorough search of the area was carried out, also involving the Sheringham lifeboat, but nothing was found, and a call was received to say that the party were not at sea but had been located on land.

23 Jul, 2015ALB launched on service 

Lester was launched at 11.23 to go the aid of the 10m yacht Sea Wanderer with engine problems 5 miles to the east of Cromer.

16 Aug, 2015Visit by ex-lifeboat 

Visit by ex-lifeboat

The ex-Selsey 48'6" Oakley class lifeboat Charles Henry arrived off the slipway just after Lester arrived back from Sheringham lifeboat day.
The ex-lifeboat had served at Selsey from 1969 until1983 before moving to Baltimore where she served from 1984 until 1987. She was sold out of service in 1987.
She was a sister vessel to the Ruby and Arthur Reed which served at Cromer from 1967 until 1984 - a boat made out of wood with a top speed of 9 knots.
The photo clearly shows the development of the lifeboat in the past 30 years!

20 Aug, 20152015 Cromer RNLI Lifeboat day 

Our Annual Lifeboat Day held on the revised date of 9th August 2015 was a resounding success.
With lots to see and join in with including the Wild Birds, Coastguards, Lifeguards, Treasure Hunt as well as viewing both Lifeboats made for a wonderful day.
Cromer RNLI would like to thank everyone who attended,especially all the volunteers, for making the day so successful.
The final amount collected will be announced once all moneys are counted.

6 Oct, 2015ILB Changeover 

ILB Changeover

D-755 Peggy D has arrived for relief duties while station ILB George and Muriel goes away for a refit.

6 Oct, 2015ILB Relief boat arrives 06 October 2015 

ILB Relief boat arrives 06 October 2015

Our Inshore lifeboat D734 has gone away for a refit.
Until it returns we have the relief D Class 'Peggy' D755. The crew who helped out today were Chris Key, 'Nelson' Kirk, David Syer, Wes Stokes, Paul Watling and Colin.
Thanks to the crew for assisting with this.

11 Dec, 2015Cromer RNLI Crew all pass Casualty Care Course 

A Casualty care course has been held in the main boathouse for all crew to attend. The crew had the option of voluntarily giving up 8 evenings or 3 full days to attend a course which covered all aspects of caring for casualties.
Our congratulations are to be given to all our volunteer crew who attended and all passed.
Well done.



The Cromer Ladies Lifeboat Guild annual general meeting, held on 12th April 2016, saw one of its long serving members and her husband receive prestigious National Awards in recognition of their long service and outstanding contribution to RNLI fundraising.

Retiring Committee Member, Mrs Peggy Webster, received a Gold Badge certificate and her husband, Cromer RNLI Station Chairman, Mr Tony Webster, received a Gold Bar to his Gold Badge certificate. They will receive their Gold Badge and Gold Bar at a special ceremony in Norwich, in September.

As well as celebrating their golden awards, earlier this year Peggy and Tony also celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations, Peggy and Tony, and we wish you many more happy years together.

For further details go to the Awards section on the Ladies Guild menu.

22 Aug, 2016Cromer Carnival 2016 

Cromer Carnival 2016

Members of Cromer RNLI crew, Life Savers and Face to Face Team all joined together to spread the safety message from the RNLI. Lots of adults and children enjoyed meeting everyone on the Carnival Field on Tuesday 16th August and Wednesday 17th August 2016. Many photos were taken of people trying on dummy kit as well as being able to ask questions on the role of the RNLI and safety.
Later in the evening the D class Inshore Rescue Lifeboat accompanied by the team above joined in the procession around Cromer, although they were on constant alert for their pagers sounding.

27 Dec, 20162016 Boxing day Swim off Cromer East Beach 

2016 Boxing day Swim off Cromer East Beach

This years swim was dedicated to the memory of Tony West, who for many years was a stalwart supporter of Cromer Carnival and Cromer RNLI.
With the water being cold, the sun shining and over 500 people taking part including 7 members of Cromer RNLI crew, a record amount of amount was raised for Cromer RNLI. Estimates of around £2500 will be raised through sponsorship and bucket collections.
Clive Hedges of the North Norfolk Beach Runners was very pleased with the turnout of 'dippers' and spectators. Our inshore lifeboat D734 George and Muriel - was also on hand to provide a safety backup for the crowds and participants.
Croomer RNLI would like to thank all who donated and praise our 7 crew members who also took part.

12 Jan, 2017Centenary of Fernebo Rescue 

Centenary of Fernebo Rescue

One Hundred Years On with grateful thanks to Peter Stibbons for the following

One hundred years ago on Monday 9th January 1917, it is estimated that five thousand people stood on Cromer clifftops. It had been a momentous day. There had been a great storm, and there were vessels lying off-shore, trying to ride out the gale. Shortly after midnight, a green flare lit the sky – and the crowd broke into spontaneous applause. Earlier in the day, the morning, a small Greek steamer, the Pyrin, had hoisted a signal of distress. The elderly lifeboat crew made for the boathouse on the east promenade – an older crew as the young men were away at war. The rowing lifeboat Louisa Heartwell was pulled from the boathouse and hauled across the sands. No engines, no tractors, just the muscle power of the launching crew and many willing helpers. The young coxswain Henry Blogg stood in the stern of the lifeboat, waiting for the right moment to launch. Backs bent to the oars, and the crew drove the lifeboat through the breakers. Once clear, they could hoist a sail and beat up to the Pyrin. Three hours later they were back on the beach, all the crew of the Pyrin saved. But the day was not to end there. As the crew changed their soaked clothing, the Swedish vessel Fernebo was seen to be in trouble. Worse still, there was an explosion midships, and the Fernebo broke in two. Both parts were heading for the beach, below Cromer lighthouse. Watchers were transfixed as a small boat put out from the bow section, with six of the Fernebo’s crew on board. As it reached the rollers on the beach, it capsized and the men were thrown into the water. But Cromer people and soldiers in the town formed chains into the sea and hands reached out to grasp the drowning men and drag them ashore. Private Stewart Holmes would receive a lifeboat medal for his courage; Private John Sharp would never recover from his exertions to help, and died a few months later. His name is on the lifeboat memorial at headquarters in Poole, Dorset. As the stern of the lifeboat grounded outside the breakers, the lifeboat crew manned their boat again. The rocket brigades of Cromer and Sheringham fired their lines, but such was the wind, no line could reach the ship. It would be down to the lifeboat again to try and go the hundred yards through the rolling breakers. The first attempt ended in failure; the raging sea threw the lifeboat back onto the beach. It then had to be recovered, pulled back onto its carriage – and half an hour later Blogg and his crew tried again. This time, the attempt was no more successful. The lifeboat seemed to stand on end and was then buried in the foam of a wave. Five of the fourteen oars of the lifeboat were broken as the Louisa Heartwell was forced ashore again. More and more spectators had gathered as news of the wreck had spread. The local anti-aircraft battery had moved two searchlights into place as darkness fell. Commander Basil Hall of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was on the beach with Coxswain Blogg. Should – could – there be another try? At eleven p.m. the lifeboat was wheeled again into the sea and the tipping mechanism activated. She slid off the carriage and the oars struck the water. Bathed in the beam of a searchlight, it took thirty-five minutes to cover the relatively short distance and manoeuvre alongside the stricken stern of the Fernebo. Hands reached out and the crew were dragged into the lifeboat. The green rocket soared to signal success. At about one a.m. the lifeboat beached with the rescued men. Magnificent service, bull-dog tenacity, stirring endurance, were the words of Commander Hall’s report. Coxswain Henry Blogg received the first of three Gold Medals. Second Coxswain William Davies received a Silver Medal and the Lifeboat Institution created the Bronze Medal in order to recognise the fortitude of all the crew. Earlier on Sunday 8th January 2017 , Cromer lifeboat laid a wreath to remember the loss of Private John Sharp and of Chief Engineer Johan Anderson, the only member of the Fernebo’s crew to be lost that day. Everyone who was there watching would say, ”I remember the Fernebo” for the rest of their life. Former coxswain Henry “ Shrimp” Davies, who used to give talks about the rescue, recorded his recollections and these are available at

30 Jan, 2017Education Team awarded £250 by Crab and Lobster Festival 

The 2016 Cromer and Sheringham Crab and Lobster Festival raises money for voluntary organisations. On Sunday 29th January 2017, Tony Shipp the Chairman of the Crab and Lobster Festival, welcomed guests to the Constantia Cottage Restaurant to present grants.
in 2016 the festival raised over £5000 but requests from many organisations meant that only 24 grants were made.
Cromer RNLI Education team, led by Jim Page, were successful and received £250. This money will be used to provide materials to promote water safety, both inland as well as at sea. The objective is make more people aware of the danger and reduce the number of drownings each year.
Talks are given to any groups through out Norfolk.

10 Feb, 2017Photography group gives donation to Cromer RNLI 

Photography group gives donation to Cromer RNLI

A Place for Photos is a Facebook Photography group run by Sarah Louise Orme and Paul Rooker. During 2016 the group raised £900 for charity by selling a group Calendar, group branded clothing and organising Photography Activity days. The money this year goes to the RNLI and the East Anglian Air Ambulance. In December 2015 we lost one of our fondly regarded members to cancer. He was a big supporter of the RNLI therefore we decided that we would support them in his honour. A cheque was presented to RNLI Cromer by Sarah's children, Eloisa and Theo on behalf of all A Place for Photos Members and was received by Ady Barker, Second Coxswain Cromer RNLI.

9 Mar, 2017Cromer Crew member to run marathon to raise money for RNLI 

Cromer Crew member to run marathon to raise money for RNLI

One of our crew - Vernon has written to say:
'I recently joined the Cromer Lifeboat Crew and have therefore had the priviledge of witnessing, first hand, the skill and dedication of all those involved. The crew are all volunteers and give up a significant amount of their free time (including turning out for training on cold, wet winter evenings !) to save lives at sea. It also requires very sophisticated equipment and extensive training to enable the crew to go out in all weathers whilst keeping all those involved as safe as possible. The RNLI relies on donations from the public to make all this happen.

This will be my first ever marathon so it is a bit daunting to say the least. To make all the pain and suffering even more worthwhile I decided to raise money for a charity and couldn't think of a more deserving charity than the RNLI.'

On behalf of the station we wish him good luck

19 Mar, 2017Richard Leeds - Lifeboat Operations Manager honoured 

Richard Leeds - Lifeboat Operations Manager honoured

Our Lifeboat Operations Manager Richard Leeds, was honoured by Cromer Town Council at the annual awards ceremony held on 15 March 2017.
Cromer RNLI sends its congratulations.